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本私隱政策聲明應用於MZ JJ Limited(「MZ JJ」、「」、「本公司」或「我們」)的客戶:



MZ JJ 竭力為閣下提供最高水平的客戶服務,其中包括保障閣下的私隱。

本公司的私隱政策對本公司在網站上收集的資訊、所收集資訊的使用及/或分享、資訊的維護作出了說明。使用本網站即視為您同意接受本私隱政策的相關規定。如果閣下不同意本私隱政策部分或全部條款,將不得使用本網站。請註意,本私隱政策僅適用於本網站收集的相關資訊,不適用於通過其他方式或從其他 來源收集或獲取的任何資訊。

本公司的私隱政策對本公司在本網站上收集的資訊的使用及/或分享、資訊的維護作出了說明。閣下使用本網站即視為閣下同意並接受本私隱政策的相關規定。如果您不同意本私隱政策部分或全部條款,將不得使用本網站。請註意,本私隱政策僅適用於本網站收集的相關資訊,不適用於通過其他方式或從其他 來源收集或獲取的任何資訊。

本公司的私隱政策確保閣下提供給我們的資訊是安全的。為使閣下放心,以下將說明您需提供給本公司的資訊詳情以及資訊的使用方式。在未取得閣下明確同意的情況下,本公司絕不會收集有關您的敏感資訊。本公司所掌握的資訊是準確的並會隨時更新。如果閣下需要更改您的資訊,請隨時與本公司聯絡(可能收取一定的管理費用 )。如果閣下發現資訊有任何錯誤,本公司將立即刪除或更改。

Privacy and Cookies

The following statement is intended to explain to you what personal information we collect and how we may use it. Personal information can include your name, address, email addresses and click through activity.

Collecting and using personal information

Each time a visitor uses the website, we collect some basic technical information, such as the visitor’s domain name. We also count, track and aggregate visitor activity to allow effective analysis of general traffic flows on our site. We do not disclose your individual identity or personally identifiable data without your permission. Nor, do we sell, rent or exchange your personal details with any third party for any reason whatsoever.


When provide services, we want to make them easy, useful and reliable. This sometimes involves placing small amounts of information on your device, for example, computer or mobile phone. These include small pieces of data known as cookies. They cannot be used to identify you personally. These pieces of information are used to improve services for you through, for example:

  • Tracking product information and prices when using the shopping area within
  • Recognising that you have already given a username and password so you don’t need to enter it for every web page requested.
  • Measuring how many people are using services, so they can be made easier to use and that there is enough capacity to ensure they are fast.

You can manage these small files yourself and learn more about them from stores information about you, using cookies (data sent by us to your computer or other access device), which we can access when you visit our site in future. We do this so we can use statistics on site usage using Google Analytics. We also use various session cookies on the sites. These are used to track valid users on the site.

If you wish to delete any cookies that are already on your computer, please refer to the instructions for the browser you are using.

Please note that by deleting our cookies or disabling future cookies you may not be able to access certain areas or features of our site.


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